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Prayer Ministry Team


Prayer ministry is about offering prayer to those who are in need of a touch from God about a particular issue in their lives. These guidelines are for prayer ministry after or during a church service.

It is assumed that those offering themselves in the churches Ministry of Prayer do so in co-operation with their Minister and after appropriate training agreed by him/her.

General Principles 

1. The congregation should be made aware of the Biblical principles of prayer ministry through sermons, home group materials etc and in particular, of key Bible passages relating to the healing ministry, namely, the sending out of the 70/72 (Luke 10:1-24 and James 5:14-16) and the healing miracles of Jesus and the early Church. Healing is about wholeness and that physical healing may not be Gods present will for an individual. Not everyone in the New Testamentwas healed, so that Paul can speak of his thorn in the flesh (2 Cor 12:7-10) as having benefit, he can speak of Epaphroditus who was ill, and almost died (Phil 2:25-27) and can recommend wine for Timothys stomach and frequent illnesses (1 Tim 5:23). It is to be noted that sin is not necessarily the direct cause of illness or disability (John 9:1-3), though it may be (Mark 2:5). It should also be taught that we should see this life in the light of eternity and that death is the doorway to ultimate healing i.e resurrection (Rev. 21:4).

It is to be noted that Paul speaks of gifts of healing (1 Cor 12:9) and that we should therefore recognise a range of healing methods/styles (including affirming the medical profession as a channel of Gods healing).

Above all, we should pray with confidence, aware that God is our healer and that when we offer him our spirit, soul and body (1 Thess 5:23-24) good will always result. Healing best takes place within an atmosphere of expectancy.

Prayer Ministry Values

The purposes of prayer ministry and the practice by which we seek to fulfill those purposes are shaped by a series of Biblical foundations or values.

1. Mission God the Father in his love for the world is for us. He is committed to the salvation of the world and has sent his Son and his Spirit to effect that salvation and to draw us into his saving work. We seek to minister in obedience to the Father in agreement with his loving purposes.

2. Model God the Son, in his life, death on the cross, resurrection and ascension is the foundation and model for all ministry. We have a ministry because of Christ and we seek to minister in a Christ-like manner and in such a way as to point to him.

3. Means God the Spirit is the personal empowering presence of God and is the means by which the lordship of Christ is evidenced and implemented. We seek to minister in the power of the Spirit.

4. Ministry God in his purposes has chosen to work through the church, Christs body, to implement his plan of salvation. We seek to be his instruments, conscious that we are but one member of the body.

5. Motive Love is our motive. We seek the very highest for those we minister to, respecting their dignity and freedom at all times.

6. Measure The Bible is the ultimate measure of our Christian faith and conduct. We seek to ensure that our ministry is always consistent with Gods word.

 * Mercy Me .. The Hurt & the Healer *

        Jesus come and break my fear

             Awake my heart and take my tears